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Step 1

The first step is to make personal acquaintance with our Client. Trusting our future time to each other (the execution of a big design takes a year of our lives) we should be confident that tight communication with each other will bring us only pleasure.

Step 2

Our work at a project begins with a joint formulation of a technical task. This document helps to avoid possible misunderstanding and saves time from the very beginning.

Step 3

On the base of stylistic preferences of our client we form some concept collages (moodboards) according to some zones or make one collage which shows the main idea of a future design.

Step 4

The formulation of a planned decision is one of the main stage which forms the structure of the project.

Step 5

After making an agreement on the design we make 3D visualization. This stage helps not only to picture the future interior but also to show up any negative peculiarities of the place, to correct them and to think over all the details such as different technical communications. After an agreement on vizualization we begin to work at a creation of detailed working documentation which includes two sets — one for fulfillment of constructional works and the other for making things for individual designs.

Step 6

The last and magic stage of working at the project is its realization. We make a great complex of different works to materialize all our ideas into life. We control the process of building and the process of producing individual things. We monitor all the deliveries and correct if necessary the working papers.

Этапы работы

Special Conditions for Clients which are ready to entrust us and to realize a bold innovative nonstandard project. Leave an application to us ,we’ll reach an agreement.