Completed: 2019
Location: Semenovskaya st., 3a, Vladivostok
Area: 70 m2
Photographer: Alexander Hom

CHINOARU ROOM - Banquet hall of the Shinoaru bar, which is part of the Millionka restaurant complex.

The table for 24 guests is very comfortable and its length is 9 meters. A flamy strip of sardonyx onyx decorates the middle part of the table surface.
Because of the table length the stone shows itself maximally picturesque creating an impression of liquid honey lava. We took an advantage of onix to transmit light and placed some light elements into the construction of the tabletop achieving a mindbending aura of its marmorates.
We used gold potal to cover the wings of the ceiling constructions and the screens which hidden the entrances to the restroom and the wine storage. According to the 19th century analogues we worked out raised ceiling tiles of rolled bronze. They were patinated by hand.
The décor of the place includes some antique things brought from China and Japan.