Completed: 2018
Location: 8, Har'kovskaya st. Vladivostok
Area: 545 m2
Photographer: Vitalii Sosnin

Different restaurant zones are divided with wooden veranda halfopened constructions which interlace with each other creating an atmosphere of the old yards of Batumi. A great amount of real plants and a window view to the Golden Horn Bay strengthens the effect of travelling to the sea town.
All the decoration for the restaurant was chosen at the antique markets in Georgia. Like in the first restaurant of the Supra net the handloomed kilims made at the beginning of the previous century are the most valuable artifacts.
The centre of the restaurant is a zone based on a main dish of the region – Adzhar Khachapury.
Behind the clay walls which remind Georgian stove you can gether at the boat shaped table above which is a giant lamp “Yolk”. It seeks to join the table in a single gastronomic composition.