Completed: 2011
Location: Фонтанная ул., 2, Владивосток
Area: 1100 м2
Photographer: LPTV

ZUMA is a restaurant of panoriental cuisine. The interior was created as a unity of impressions from different Asia countries. The agglutination of methods, traditions, chromatic mix and tactile feeling which are common to the whole Asia inwrap the restaurant visitors to the atmosphere of travelling through the countries of the Far East.

Ресторан Zuma
The Oriental culture with its traditions specifies respectful attitude to the stuff used in the decor. The rustic blocks of black granite make the bar which is the heart of the place. The floor of one of the rooms is made of coloured Chinese slate. The black and red lackered wood in the decor leads us to traditional Chinese and Bali technologies of making utensils and cassettes. The furniture is wrapped with the textile with the traditional embroidery motives.
One of the walls is decorated with the panel in the low relief Cambodian Angcor Temple style. The other wall is decorated with the figure of many hands Buddha Goddess Cannon.