Completed: 2018
Location: 1b, Burachka st. Vladivostok
Area: 498
Photographer: Alexander Hom

Tokyo More is the biggest restaurant in the family of TOKYO restaurants. The ideas about Japan, images of Japan, Japanese houses and gardens are the base of our concept.

tokio more
The authentic subjects of Japanese household taken from southern island Kushu, carved wooden details of house screens, pots made of pouring ceramics, handmade kakejiku rolls fill the decor and give the visitors an opportunity to touch the real Japan. All these artifacts are interweaved to the outline of lightsome two leveled space.
The interior matches the Tokyo chefs attitude to the restaurant food. They create wonderful mix in fusion style on the base of traditional Japanese dishes.
The tabletops of big hospitable tables are made of wood of sunken ships and boats which have lain on sea bottom for a long time. It was salted thoroughly and has an exceptional hardness, specific rustic form and colour.
An open kitchen situated just opposite the entrance symbolises a home hearth irori which is the centre of a traditional Japanese house. Above the coals of a hearth there was a pot or a kettle and all the household gethered around it for having meal.