Completed: 2015
Location: 54, Volochaevskaya st. Khabarovsk
Area: 986 м2

Echo is situated in the building of former barracks. As a conceptual base of the image and the name for the design we took the legend about a wood nymph Echo the daughter of woods and mountains and her love to Narcissus - a marvelous young hunter.

ресторан эхо
The legend about a wood nymph Echo gives some meaning to certain interior methods and as we can see is very interesting to the visitors. For example the frontage of the gastrobar and the floor stone panel mean an allegory to a Narcissus flower and a surface of a pond in a shady forest.
Some clearstories on the roof aim the sun beams into the room and make highlights and shadows on the flowers' surface. The vertical 3meter illuminating constructions accompany the current of light in the daytime and turn themselves into a star sky at night.
The components of the interior confirm the idea of ecological concept. These components are massive tabletops of suar wood, lianas and leaves of eucalyptus, natural green stone of panels and stages, fluted "wet" glass. The space of the restaurant is inhabited with figures of wood dwellers - wild geese cross the sky, some strange fabulous creatures imagined by a painter fill the walls, a beautiful deer looks proudly at the visitors from the drinking-booth.